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Cooperation Agreement between Magneti Marelli/Checkstar and ML-C

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The MobileLocation-Company GmbH (ML-C) announces that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Magneti Marelli/Checkstar for jointly taking a complete aftermarket telematics solution to the market. The system is based on Marelli's TBOX hardware and ML-C's Cloud Services Software. This new and innovative product is perfectly suited for developing "Usage Based Insurance (UBI)" solutions for example. A multitude of other telematics applications from logistics to stolen vehicle tracking can easily be established by taking advantage of the same ML-C's Cloud Services Software package. No programming is required to arrive at a vertically integrated solution. The unique and powerful cloud based business management software of ML-C provides an easy to use graphical interface to configure, monitor and control all devices in the professional industrial Machine-to-Machine market.


About Magneti Marelli:

Magneti Marelli is an international Group committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector. With more than 34.000 employees, 83 production units, 12 R&D Centres and 26 Application Centres, the Group has a presence in 18 countries and supplies all the most important car makers in Europe, North and South America and Asia. 

Magneti Marelli's mission, as a worldwide automotive parts supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality and a competitive offer, technology and flexibility.

Magneti Marelli After Market Parts & Services S.p.A. was established in 1985 as a commercial division of Magneti Marelli Holding, with the mission of providing components manufactured by the company’s production divisions to the independent aftermarket.  

About ML-C: 

ML-C is the leading edge company, which will use the Internet to connect the billions of mobile objects in the world – the so called “Internet of Things” (IoT). Today these objects exist in a mobile world. They can be people, pets, goods, containers, cars or bicycles. The list is endless and the location can be anywhere in the world. These are the objects that ML-C connects.

ML-C is the first company to provide the integration of IoT cloud based management Software and smart IoT devices, which offer out of the box solutions to multiple applications in the IoT or Machine-to-Machine industrial market sector.

The unique and powerful cloud based business management software ML-C provides an easy to use graphical interface to configure, monitor and control all devices in the Internet of Things. Now for the first time in history the Internet of Things becomes one homogenous market enabling Economy of Scale.


ML-C in Action: A Field Trial in Logistics


ML-C partners with an established German logistics provider who is running a midsized truck fleet  for transporting of high-value goods. ML-C deployed its cloud-based aftermarket telematics solution into a joint successful field trial.


Of course the standard benefits of fleet management have been implemented during the trial:

  • Improved fleet efficiency in terms of diesel consumption and wearout
  • Increased efficiency through realtime transport acknowledgement or denial
  • Accurate usage data to judge and optimize fleet size and type
  • Improved scheduling of service and maintenance time

ML-C Delivered Additional Customer Benefits

Beyond the standard benefits the ML-C system delivered additional essential benefits, which made the solution highly attractive for the customer:

  • Cost-savings through the ML-C Cloud Service Software:
    • The ML-C Cloud Service Software connects to all of the customers tracking devices in the field to collect the truck data and to manage the complete swarm of devices. The service requires no installation at the customer and doesn’t bind any IT personnel.
    • The ML-C Cloud Service Software is highly flexible to connect to the existing customer ERP system. Data is exchanged behind the scenes through standard software interfaces such that automated event-based processes are set up easily. These strongly contribute to the efficiency boost outlined above.
    • Customer-defined reports like “driving times”, “stop times”, “speed alerts” are easily created.
  • Cost-saving installation of the tracking devices:
    • The ML-C GG0Tele devices can be installed with only two wires. GPS/GLONASS and GSM antennas are integrated. No additional hard connections are required.
    • The reception quality of ML-C’s devices is outstanding thanks to the simultaneous reception and decoding of GPS (the American satellite system) and GLONASS ( the Russian satellite system).
    • The reception quality is even further improved through Assisted-GPS (A-GPS), where the satellite path data (ephemeris data) is injected via GSM to the device.
    • These three properties results in flexibility when choosing the installation position, because the devices operate reliably even in difficult positions or hostile environments, where other devices cannot operate.
  • Highest reliability and robustness:
    • Having only two wires reduces the potential failure sources to a minimum.
    • The design of ML-C’s device includes over- and undervoltage protection.
    • The vehicle battery voltage is monitored and a drop can be reported as alarm way before a costly breakdown occurs.
    • For the event of an outage of the vehicle battery, the ML-C device has a backup battery, which allows to continuously report status to the cloud server. As many as 1000 server connections can be accomplished without drawing energy from the vehicle battery.
    • The system is not bound to a country or region. Device-server communication worked seamlessly throughout Europe and across country borders.
  • Future proof system:
    • ML-C’s system is already prepared for COMPASS (the Chinese satellite system) and GALILEO (the European satellite system). This will add even more positioning quality and independence from single satellite systems.
    • The ML-C system is based on configuration through “business rules”. This adds flexibility in case the customer wants to change the device behavior of his fleet management system dynamically.
    • In case of major system changes the complete device firmware can be updated wirelessly through ML-C’s FOTA feature (firmware-over-the-air).
    • The ML-C system allows usage of so-called pseudo-lites. These small boxes send GPS-signals in warehouses or other indoor locations to localize the trucks there as well an not only on the road. Except for the installation of the DSL-router sized boxes nothing needs to be done to enable the feature.
    • ML-C delivers not only its GG0Tele product but also a battery-operated asset tracking system. It runs on the same firmware and cloud software as the telematics system. Should the customer want to extend tracking capabilities into more of his business processes, he will have a very smooth path to do so. GG0Tele and GG0Asset swarms can easily coexist in the ML-C Cloud Service Software realm or can also be mixed, while at the same time mapping different device behavior as required by the business process.
    • These technological advantages ensure the customer rolling out the ML-C fleet management solution is an absolutely future proof investment.


ML-C Cloud Service Software allows for speeds and cost-effective application development and dynamical changes of the GG0Tele smart devices behavior. Simultaneous decoding of GPS & GLONASS satellite signals delivered more accurate locations. No map snapping was required.

ML-C Delivers Solutions.


ML-C GLONASS Capabilities in the Press


The latest journal "Elektronik" issued on October 30th, 2012 features an article by ML-C with the title "GPS und GLONASS eröffnen neue Möglichkeiten". You will find the article on page 18 and 20. Enjoy reading.


All ML-C Products Support Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) Updates Now

fota-3The behavior of ML-C's tracking devices is determined by two pieces of software:

  1. the firmware running on the devices 
  2. the business rules executed on the devices

The business rules have always been downloaded into the devices to allow for a wide range of flexibility. Now also the firmware can be downloaded over the air into the devices. This is an extremely valuable feature, because now upgrades can be performed securely for a complete swarm of devices. The upgrade time is typically aligned with the customer and is then completely painless. Even the normal tracking functionality continues without interruption, while the upgrade is performed in the background. Through device management it is also possible to upgrade only parts of a device swarm if required.


ML-C Started Offering Chip-SIM Support

chipsimChip-SIMs are the first choice in many M2M applications for a number of reasons:

  • Vibrations like in Automotive applications cannot cause contact problems anymore
  • Tampering with the SIM card gets more unlikely, because the SIM cannot be used otherwise easily
  • For products with small form factor, the chip-SIM helps to reduce size even more, because a chip SIM is only 6mm x 5mm
  • Favorable M2M data plans are available with chip SIMs from major MNOs

ML-C now supports chip-SIMs in both product lines GG0Asset and GG0Tele. Both types MFF1 and MFF2 according to ETSI TS 102 671 V9.1.0 (2011-09) can be used. Tests have been performed successfully the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Belguim, Finland, South Africa, Oman, Katar.

Please feel free to contact ML-C in case of questions regarding chip-SIM support, an when you want to make your own tests based on GG0Tele or GG0Asset with integrated chip-SIM.


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