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ABI Research Forecasts Huge Growth in Car Telematics, from which ML-C will Benefit

The percentage of new passenger cars globally shipping with factory-installed telematics will increase from less than 10% in 2010 to 62% in 2016. This is the main result of a new report from ABI Research. It is yet another encouragement for ML-C to enter this large market segment with its perfectly suited platform solution. Read more details about the trend here.


M2M Connections Forecasted to Grow at a CAGR of 32%

According to a new research report of Berg Insight, the total number of wireless M2M connections is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.0 percent to reach 294.1 million connections in 2015. If only a third of these devices had GPS or GLONASS positioning included, which is more than a conservative assumption, then ML-C's target market would hit the 100 million unit size in 2015. Read more about the report here.


More PNDs Are Going Connected

Even though the overall PND market is expected to decline, the portion of connected PND devices will increase. This trend is in favor of ML-C, who will deliver its system platform to those PND manufacturers. Read more on the PND market here.


Telematics Munich Conference Report by Moni Malek on GPS World

Please enjoy reading the full report by ML-C's CEO on page 27 of the December issue.


New Generation of Bicycle Sharing

The ML-C team happily recognized a new trend in bicycle sharing called “social bikes”. Even today it comes at an improved cost structure, which will surely boost its adoption in the metropoles of the world. A field trial is about to start and an explanation of the system is given by its creator Ryan Rzepecki at

The key requirements of the SoBi system are

  • GPS positioning,
  • Mobile communication,
  • Secure locking, 

requirements, that coincide with the sweet spot of ML-C’s GG1 capabilities. We can reasonably expect that ML-C’s GG1 system platform

  • could bring cost further down significantly,
  • could enable battery operation,
  • could improve positioning accuracy,

triggering considerations at ML-C to offer GG1 into this new and fascinating “green” application.


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