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ML-C's Asset Tracker Successfully Tracks Cows in the Mountains

In a summer field trial with the LFL (Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture) in Freising ML-C's GG0 Asset Tracker helped the farmer finding his cows in the mountains. A standard smart or tablet PC shows the shepherd where the cows have gone and guides him towards the animals. On top of always knowing where the herd is, statistics can be generated what grazing land the animals prefer. This “use case” has been optimized such that a set of standard AA-Alkaline Batteries runs through the season from May to October. The tests are currently continued with sheep in plain land.




ML-C’s GG0Asset Supports 3 Types of Batteries

ML-C GmbH today announces the qualification and availability of the following battery solutions:

  1. Inexpensive Alkaline AA consumer batteries allow up to 2000 server connections with location data transmitted. The optimized low power design of the GG0Asset tracker uses standard AA batteries in this typical use case.
  2. Primary Lithium batteries offer the longest device life with capacities up to 19000 mAh. Lifetime of several years is now achievable, even in rough temperature environments.
  3. Rechargeable solutions utilizing Lithium Polymer batteries are available for general tracking applications.

The GG0Asset tracker can now be optimized for low cost solutions. The concept of “deploy and forget” becomes a reality.


GG0 Asset Tracker Test-Tool Shown at Electronica 2012 Fair (Spansion Booth in Hall A6-263)


The following demo is shown to you:

  • Spansion Memory Subsystem, a multiplexed Burst Mode Flash+pSRAM, is tested and used in the GG0Asset and GG0Tele tracker products of ML-C.
  • The test configuration at the Spansion booth demonstrates the accelerator sensor identifying physical moves and creating system alerts via GSM and the Internet.
  • The MCP Flash/pSRAM Combo solution supports the high integration level asset trackers require.

Feel free to get more information of the ML-C products and if possible visit the booth for a life demo.


ML-C’s GG0 Provides Full GLONASS-Support

ML-C’s product GG0 is now available with high-performance GLONASS-support at almost no additional product cost. GLONASS and GPS signals are used at the same time for calculating the position (multi-constellation fix), resulting in faster fix-times, higher positioning accuracy and positioning in places, where GPS alone fails to make a fix. Such places can be deep urban canyons, dense industrial areas or any other hostile environments, like the streets in Munich near hotel Bayerischer Hof:

Red trace:
Green trace:
Multi-constellation (GPS + GLONASS)


For many applications this is a valuable leap in raw positioning data quality especially in M2M tracking devices, which must operate without map-snapping and where gaps in the data-trace can lead to costly consequences.

The RF design of GG0 is made for high sensitivity as can be seen from the following diagram showing reception of nine GPS- and eight GLONASS-satellites in a partially shaded place:
gps glonass_reception_2

Please feel free to contact ML-C in case of questions.


ML-C's System Platform Meets Requirements of the Fleet and Asset Management Industry

Hans-Michael Dietmar, Director Operational Processes, DB Schenker explains those requirements: "The gadget that I look out for in 2011 on my wish-list is exactly this very gadget that we have in place already (comment of the editor: the DB Schenker Smart-Box), but I would like to see this to be a requirement for each container ... in the world. I think right now there are about 20 million containers floating around in the global market and only 500 of them are equipped with a device ... and the idea is to make these devices smaller and ... more resilient to intrusion from the outside and ... more affordable which leads to the fact that in the future we have devices on every single container that allows communication of certain events for all containers in the world."

ML's system is ideally positioned for this market as it fulfills the requirements of cost efficiency and security.


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