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ML-C Cloud Service


Cloud-Based System Platform

 ML-C offers the "ML-C Cloud Service" to aggregate, visualize, automate and export data gathered by a collection of "Smart ML-C Devices"  in the field at one central resource and from any point on the planet.

The ML-C system platform presents an easy-to-use interface to the user. Business people are enabled to create the business rules they need to establish for their application and to optimize these. The building blocks of the system are

  • the "ML-C Business Rule Creator"
  • the "ML-C Business Rules Optimizer"
  • the "ML-C Business Rules Processor"
  • the "Smart ML-C Devices"
  • the B2B Interface


The business logic ("Business Rule Creator" and "Business Rules Optimizer") connects with the "ML-C Business Rules Processor" executing the rules on the "Smart ML-C Devices" in the field.

Connection to other systems can be established using the B2B Interface. Resources are exposed by a dedicated context within the "ML-C Cloud Service".

Cloud Service Features

  • Tracking portal, OpenStreetMap based position and status visualization (other map services possible)
  • Device configuration via, trigger, filter, action or script based rules using the "ML-C Business Rule Creator"
  • Any regular or event driven update scheme configurable remotely, inclusive independent GPS locate and GSM update schedules
  • "ML-C Business Rules Optimizer" for optimal device operation
  • Device manager for administration of swarms of devices including firmware over-the-air-update
  • Alarm manager for event driven logic inclusive SMS or email push services or B2B connections
  • Connector for customer ERP systems and/or custom web-applications via  REST / SOAP based interfaces
  • Geofencing: Active messaging triggered by location based on GPS-GLONASS and/or GSM Cell ID

An "ML-C Cloud Service" instance can be hosted on a dedicated customer server or on a choice of trusted IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud providers like e.g. Amazon EC2, Rackspace CloudServers™. This allows scaling of the server infrastructure as required with respect to user experience and with respect to the number of "Smart ML-C Devices" to be managed. The "ML-C Cloud Service" is designed to handle, manage and visualize almost any number of "Smart ML-C Devices".




PDF Version of the Product Brief: pdf


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