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The Ideal System for Aftermarket Telematics

GG0Tele is ML-C’s aftermarket telematics product based on the ML-C system. The design integrates easy-to-use and robust features to track mobile objects and communicate their position. The GG0Tele solution consists of
  • ML-C Cloud Service
  • ML-C Telematics Device mounted in the vehicles

and allows configuration, monitoring and controlling of all telematics devices from anywhere in the world at any time.   











For more information on the comprehensive system offering please refer to the “ML-C Cloud Service” product brief, available on



Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Tracking

ML-C’s GG0Tele device supports indoor reception of pseudo-satellite signals, e.g. in underground parking lots. Infrastructure costs are low. On the receiver side no additional hardware is required. The combination of ML-C’s Telematics Device and the ML-C Cloud Server allows seamless tracking between in- and outdoor.



World-Class GPS+GLONASS Positioning

GG0Tele provides enhanced signal coverage using GPS-GLONASS simultaneously and reliable position fixes even in hostile environments like urban canyons. In case of issues with the GPS-satellite system, the GLONASS-only mode is activated thus removing dependency from GPS.



Product Features

Communication GSM, GPRS quad band modem
Standard and chip SIM supported
Internal antenna
Positioning Tracking channels:    32
Fast acq. channels:   2
Sensitivity:                    -162dBm
TTFF (cold / hot):        35 / <1sec
Typical accuracy:        3-5 m
GPS-GLONASS, multi-constellation
Indoor localization with pseudolites
Assisted GNSS for very fast startup
GNSS jamming detection
GSM cell navigation fallback
Internal antenna
Sensors 3D dual-channel accelerometer
3D gyroscope for dead-reckoning*
Ignition sensing
Vehicle battery voltage supervision
Security Tamper detection 
Covert installation
Distress button*
Device storage Waypoints:         50.000
Geo-fences:       10.000
Triggers:             10.000
 Power supply 12/24V
Over-/under-voltage protection
Reverse-voltage protection
Voltage supervision
Car battery loading: 1mA@12V
Backup battery*
Operating -30°C … +80°C 
Housing 100 x 103 x 26 mm3


*) feature option




Extra Robustness for Insurance Telematics

ML-C’s GG0Tele multi-constellation GPS-GLONASS gives superior and higher reliability than GPS only systems making it ideal for the insurance telematics market. Installation cost and field returns are reduced because no external antennas are needed. Through a SW upgrade GG0Tele is capable of supporting COMPASS (Chinese satellite navigation system) and GALILEO (European satellite navigation system).



Product Interfaces

Connector pins:            14
Multifunctional pins:     10
UART interfaces:           2
Digital inputs:                 2
Open drain output:        1
One-wire for I-button / ext. sensors
Odometer for dead-reckoning*
CAN bus interface*
• Automotive snap lock connector



PDF Version of the Product Brief: pdf


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