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The Ideal Product for Asset Tracking

GG0Asset is ML-C's asset tracking product based on the ML-C system platform. The design integrates  unique and patented super-long battery life technology with easy-to-use and robust features to track mobile objects and communicate their position. The GG0Asset solution consist of

  • the tracking device,
  • the embedded software,
  • the device management via the cloud service.


Swarm of GG0Asset devices
controlled via ML-C cloud service

Device Features

Size: 90mm x 55mm x 25mm
Weight: 120g
Sealing: IP55, splash water / dust protected
Communication:    GSM, GPRS quad band modem
Positioning: 32 channels GPS / GLONASS
Antennas: Internal GPS / GSM antennas
Sensors: Integrated 3D accelerometer
Interfaces: USB micro for charging /
2 GPIO lines or UART on USB
Manual Input: Two programmable buttons
Device storage: 10.000 geo-fences +
10.000 triggers +
10.000 waypoints
Supply: 1300mAh rechargeable LiPo or
8,5Ah Lithium primary battery
cell in different housing variant
Operating: -30°C ... +70°C


GG0Asset device

Super-Long Battery Lifetime

  • 2-10 x longer than existing systems in comparable environments
  • Allowing up to 10 years of tracking using ML-C's patented power management and rendezvous mode


 Battery lifetime with the 8.5Ah primary cell

Seamless Indoor / Outdoor Tracking

ML-C's GG0 Evaluation Kit device supports indoor reception of pseudo-satellite signals. Infrastructure costs are low. On the receiver side no additional hardware is required. The combination of ML-C GG0 Evaluation Kit device and ML-C cloud server allows seamless tracking between in- and outdoor.

Cloud-Based System Platform

The ML-C system platform presents an easy-to-use interface to the user. Business people are enabled to create the business rules they need to establish for their application and to optimize these. The building blocks of the system are

  • the "ML-C Business Rule Creator"
  • the "ML-C Business Rules Optimizer"
  • the "ML-C Business Rules Processor"
  • the "Smart ML-C Devices"



The ML-C system platform

The business logic ("Business Rule Creator" and "Business Rules Optimizer") connects with the "ML-C Business Rules Processor" executing the rules on the "Smart ML-C Devices" in the field.








Cloud Service Features  

  • Tracking portal, OpenStreetMap based position and status visualization (other map services possible)
  • Device configuration via, trigger, filter, action or script based rules using the "ML-C Business Rule Creator"
  • Any regular or event driven update scheme configurable remotely, inclusive independent GPS locate and GSM update schedules
  • "ML-C Business Rules Optimizer" for optimal device power consumption
  • Device manager for administration of swarms of devices including firmware over-the-air-update
  • Alarm manager for event driven logic inclusive SMS or email push services
  • Connector for customer ERP systems and/or custom web-applications via  REST / SOAP based interfaces
  • Geofencing: Active messaging triggered by location based on GPS-GLONASS and/or GSM Cell ID

World-Class Positioning

  • Enhanced accuracy using GPS / GLONASS simultaneously, reliable position fixes in hostile environments like urban canyons
  • Indoor tracking based on local signal generators, seamless transition between in/outdoor


 Receiver window showing
simultaneous GPS & GLONASS signal reception

PDF Version of the Product Brief: pdf


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