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ML-C’s GG0 Provides Full GLONASS-Support

ML-C’s product GG0 is now available with high-performance GLONASS-support at almost no additional product cost. GLONASS and GPS signals are used at the same time for calculating the position (multi-constellation fix), resulting in faster fix-times, higher positioning accuracy and positioning in places, where GPS alone fails to make a fix. Such places can be deep urban canyons, dense industrial areas or any other hostile environments, like the streets in Munich near hotel Bayerischer Hof:

Red trace:
Green trace:
Multi-constellation (GPS + GLONASS)


For many applications this is a valuable leap in raw positioning data quality especially in M2M tracking devices, which must operate without map-snapping and where gaps in the data-trace can lead to costly consequences.

The RF design of GG0 is made for high sensitivity as can be seen from the following diagram showing reception of nine GPS- and eight GLONASS-satellites in a partially shaded place:
gps glonass_reception_2

Please feel free to contact ML-C in case of questions.