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Management Team


Moni Malek, CEO

Moni has over 25 years experience in Telecoms/GSM/GPS. He was one of the founders of Optimay GmbH, a GSM Software Company which was later sold to Lucent Technologies. Moni went on to pioneer the development of GPRS software for Samsung Mobiles at Lucent/Agere Microelectronics and thus helped Samsung go from an unknown to No. 3 (now No. 2) in the Mobile Phone Market. From 2006 to 2009 Moni was General Manager of eRide Europe GmbH, a GPS company where he established them as a successful supplier to the automotive industry. Apart from having invaluable experience in both the fields of Location and Communication vital to ML-C Moni also is a Business Angel actively supporting other start-up companies. 

Moni started his career in 1981 at Thorn EMI in London where he worked on projects that included error correcting codes, signal processing for computer tomography and communication over power lines using spread spectrum techniques. All these techniques are parts of mobile phones today! From 1984 to 1990 Moni worked at Siemens in Munich in their Public Switching designing products for the US Telecom market where his group pioneered Digital signal processing on line cards. Today the Siemens switch based on this technology has sold over 200 million lines. At Siemens he twice received special merit awards with payments for extraordinary work. 

In 1990 Moni became an independent Telecom Consultant working for companies in USA and Europe. In this phase he became one of the founders of Optimay GmbH where he started and led the Telecom group to become the No.1 independent supplier of GSM Software. He has the experience and leadership to turn raw ideas into high value products. 

Moni has a Masters Electrical Engineering degree from Cambridge University

Dr. Jens Bodenkamp, COO

Jens brings more than 25 years of experience in industry, finance and the building of new companies and products. As a Business Angel, he has started, invested in and remains supportive of ventures. He was also involved in the establishment of eRide Europe GmbH a company in the satellite navigation business to develop and sell semiconductor chips for consumer-sector mobile devices that use GPS and Galileo receivers. He is a member of the supervisory boards of several publicly listed companies. 

Jens started Intel’s Business Development and Corporate Venture (today known as Intel Capital) activities in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) engaging the firm in some strategically and financially successful transactions. Later Jens designed and directed Intel's broadband program in Europe, and was responsible for strategy, strategic alliances, marketing and investments. He gained substantial experience in a range of technical and senior management positions with Intel in the United States and Germany. 

Jens was a partner with Lehel Partners GmbH, a firm providing corporate finance services, strategic consulting and business development, as well as investments in special situation buy-outs. He was also the managing director of ETF Group Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of venture capital firm ETF Group, based in Lugano, Switzerland. He is associated with Ascendo Associates GmbH and Navigator Equity Solutions N.V. He was also a partner at Media Consulting Group GmbH. 

Jens holds a Diploma in Physics and a PhD in Elementary Particle Physics. He has published two books and many articles in scientific and technical publications.

Christoph Geiser, Director Software Engineering

Christoph has over 15 years of professional experience in software development for embedded devices and mobile phones. He has worked in large and small scale companies (Siemens, Motorola, Zesium, Optimay, Agere, Infineon, Intel) as software developer, project manager, technical lead and people manager on leading edge technologies in the mobile phone area. Christoph leads the software team in adding innovative features to the GSM/GPRS/GNSS software to benefit the ML-C GSM+GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) system platform.

As software developer and project lead Christoph has been involved at Siemens Mobile Phones in bringing a number of mobile phones to the market, before joining the automotive division of Siemens Semiconductor / Infineon where he was working on different automotive applications in the area of engine management and in-car entertainment. At Zesium, a Munich based start-up company building UMTS protocol stacks, Christoph was responsible for the UMTS system software development and its interfacing to the physical layer provided by Philips and Infineon.

2004 Christoph joined Optimay/Agere Systems as project, later people manager and technical lead, responsible for a software development team for mobile phone middleware. In this role he has driven the development of a middleware framework providing access to the GSM protocol stack and other system services. Christoph was instrumental in the definition of the software architecture behind this framework, as well as its marketing, introduction at customers and its successful ramp in the market. This framework has been evolving over the years to a differentiating factor enabling Optimay/Agere Systems to gain market share for its mobile phone platform.

After Infineon acquired Optimay/Agere in 2007 Christoph was responsible for the successful integration of this framework into the Infineon portfolio. In his last role at Infineon Wireless (2011 sold to Intel) Christoph was leading the Technical Support Organization in Europe, interfacing to the major players in the mobile phone arena.

Christoph holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Aachen.

Christian Herberg, Director Hardware Engineering

Christian has 22 years of experience in microelectronics and product development for the communication and consumer electronics markets. He is intimately familiar with CAD design-flow development. Christian has served as project leader for the last 17 years. 

Christian developed products for the digital signal processing in glass fibre and radio networks as ASIC design engineer with Bosch Telecom. At Siemens Semiconductor, later Infineon he created the corporate chip design-flow as member of a CAD team. Later Christian was project leader of many chip development projects, starting with the first Teletext controller to drive pixel graphics and the first one to use DRAM memory inside a TV set. He also led a cooperation project with an Israeli company to build chip and software for DVB set-top-box and iDTV appliances. 

Christian then took an active role in selling Infineon’s “Image & Video” business unit by carving the R&D organization out and merge it into Micronas. He continued with leading of projects to develop systems for flat screen TVs comprising video, audio, graphics and chassis control functions integrating up to 70 million transistors in one 90nm SoC. The international projects directed by Christian included up to 80 engineers covering all steps from product definition through to product qualification. He guided the subproject leaders and advanced the Micronas project management environment significantly for instance through the introduction of progress tracking based on the “Effort of Completed Tasks” metrics. 

Christian holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stuttgart University and he is a certified PMP.

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