ML-C MobileLocation-Company Munich

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Company Profile


ML-C Serves the M2M Market

 ML-C is focused on all applications that require

  • tracking of mobile items and
  • remote wireless access to
    • position, sensor data and
    • device configuration.

Therefore ML-C has developed an innovative tracking system platform for the professional M2M market and for the applications of

  • emergency call (eCall, ERA), telematics,
  • asset tracking,
  • e-health and pet/personal tracking.

ML-C is a Catalyzer for Market Growth

 ML-C's goal is to advance the M2M markets by the following measures:

  • Providing a high-quality platform for rapid product development and system integration
  • Removing the barrier of development cost for new M2M products
  • Enabling years of battery life for all unplugged tracking applications
  • Reducing maintenance cost with deploy-and-forget tracking devices
  • Securing privacy of all customer-owned data
  • Roll-out of GPS indoor solution to asset tracking applications
  • Introduction of network-friendly device behavior to the market

ML-C is a System House

ML-C is a system house providing its new system platform to product integrators consisting of

  • reference design hardware,
  • embedded software as well as the
  • device management cloud server software.

Acting as a system house makes ML-C an independent partner for all tracking-product integrators.


ML-C's Product is a System Platform

ML-C's product is a very easy to use system platform consisting of

  • the tracking device hardware,
  • the tracking device embedded software and
  • the tracking device management via the cloud service.

The platform supports

  • highly accurate positioning through multi-constellation support (GPS/GLONASS),
  • various integrated sensors,
  • highly reliable transmission of position/sensor data and device configuration via GPRS,
  • highly secured data / configuration transmission,
  • extended battery life,
  • small form-factor, low weight,
  • indoor tracking based on GPS signal generator and
  • network blocking avoidance.

Product and system integrators using this platform can drastically shorten time-to-market because

  • embedded SW development is not required and
  • device configuration via cloud service is easy, yet
  • powerful to implement any specific M2M device requirements.

PDF Version of the Product Brief: pdf


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